21 February, 2011

Been slackin'

Wow, it has been nearly 2 weeks since I updated.  I guess I am not as "into" this blog thing as I had hoped.  Or perhaps I just don't think anybody would be interested in hearing about me spinning on a trainer for hours at a time.

This is where the crux of this post comes in.  I have been following a Friel based training program for the past 15 weeks.  In this time, I have exceeded the recorded number of hours ridden last year (January through Iceman), and most likely the number of miles as well.  I should have my first 1000 in before Barry-Roubaix.

After talking with some people, and reading some online information, I found that many/most recommendations were in the 8-10 hour/week programs to be competitive in Sport class.  I decided on a program of 350 hours, that gets me to the 7-9 hours a week window.

However, I am worried about over-training.  As I was spinning away last night, trying to get in my 90 minutes of E2 endurance training, I was having trouble maintaining my HR.  At that point, I just stopped.  Yes, I could have probably "dug deep" and forced myself to finish the second half of the workout, but why.

I am also into some heavy lifting for my weight program, a bit late for the Friel schedule, but working out nonetheless.  So, I am hoping all of my concerns are based on this high weight (for me)/low rep work, and not the dreaded over-training.  At least I am no longer trying to add weight to my body, and I am finally back to eating normal amounts of food during the day, from ~3500 calories down to ~2200.  In a couple weeks I will begin my work back towards race weight.

My legs don't have the "snap" I had hoped, and I can feel the strain just climbing the stairs to go to bed.  I have ~2 more weeks of this, and then back to some light weight work.  I will (hopefully) be riding outside by then as well.  I am hoping these 2 things are what I need to fell good in time for Barry-Roubaix.

Meanwhile, in the time since, I have received my official email from Twin Six to be part of their racing team.  There are some pretty fast and intense people on the list as well.  I hope I can represent.

I am also racing for On 2 Wheels in Jackson, if I can ever get around to getting a contract signed.  Plus get some new parts ordered for the Superfly!


  1. I am kinda going the exact opposite of what you are doing. Last year I started training in December and came out fast (for me) in the spring. Then it all went to hell with my back, but I think all that early training may have been partially to blame. Now I am wondering if I have undertrained for this spring. I think the B-R race is going to be more like a large group ride for me this year.

  2. If you are worried about overtraining already in February there are two reasons.

    1. You are pushing a little too hard. It is February and you have a long season in front of you. Dial it back just a tad and see how you feel.

    2. You are sick of winter and want to start riding outside. Suck it up Nancy boy!

  3. I think it is a combination of both. Admittedly, I may be going a bit hard. I am basing my plan on what others say I should do. I also think the weights have a lot to do with it. I have 2 more weeks of the heavy stuff, and will hopefully be able to get outside then as well.

    Barry-Roubaix will be the litmus test, if I fall apart there, then hopefully it isn't too late to get back by CPS season.