11 April, 2011

You Suck!!

I had a relatively decent weekend.  The weather was finally decent, and I ended up not having to work.

However, it was a heckuva week leading up.  Several things happened that probably seem obvious to most others, that I didn't consider.

The main one being that an Avid brake adapter doesn't really work with a Hayes brake caliper.  But after borrowing some parts from a buddy, and some flat washers from work, I was set to ride out at Yankee with the Mid-State group on Saturday.

We got out to the Deep Lake area a little before noon, and ended up having to park along "Team Row" because the front lot was packed.

It was about 50 degrees and windy when we get going.  5 of us from the Mid-State MMBA chapter were there for the "group" ride, and I saw one or 2 others their on their own accord.

The trail was in excellent condition, and the group plodded along, introducing one or two of them to Yankee for the first time.  It is quite a departure when you compare the hills to the "climbs" out at Burchfield park.

As we were wrapping up our lap, we came across a group/family of hikers.  They politely move off to the side, and I thanked them as we cruised by.  When we got to the end of the line, there was a sullen teenaged girl, looking like she just left the basement of NCIS headquarters, and the mumbled "You suck" as I rode past.

I wasn't quite sure I heard here correctly, but then the rider behind me, Rick, explained to me that indeed, she thought I sucked. 

The more I pondered, the happier I became.  Just knowing that I suck relieved so much weight that I felt faster on the very last section of trails.  No criteria to maintain, no training, heart rate, or race related pressure.  Just pedaling along with my sucky bike, on a sucky day, with my sucky friends.

Back at the parking lot, we were exchanging stories and come to find out, Jason was told he needed to "Get a life".  This was such a helpful young lass.  I wish I could get here to come to all of my races, just to remind me that I am just wasting my time.

After splitting off from the group, they had other obligations, I took off on a second lap, hoping to come across the clairvoyant teen.  What else would she reveal to me, was my tire pressure too high, is Justin Bieber going to hook up with Hanna Montana, and most importantly, will Gibbs find out who killed that Marine? The answer is most likely yes to all of those.

I did see the girl on my second lap, but alas, she was too far away for me to hear her mumblings.  I hope it wasn't too important.

I hope to get the Superfly in race form by Sunday, still waiting on some parts.  I think I have it covered now though.  Wish me luck.  I am hoping to finish with a respectable time next Sunday, but should have an enjoyable time regardless.

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  1. And does she realize that the sucky trail she was walking on is indeed a BIKE trail and that the hiking trail is somewhere else? So...what do you do in that situation? Say thanks?