25 January, 2011

Looking Back: A year ago this week.

As of yesterday, I have exceeded my total number of documented training hours from 2011.  That is correct, in less than 3 months, I have surpassed the previous 10. [Note:  I did not have a cycling computer until the end of October, so the 2010 numbers are based on the rides I recorded with my Android phone]

I have nearly passed the number of recorded miles from last year as well.

2010 was an interesting year.  I did not ride my bike until the day before the Waverly Short Track race, so ~2 rides in January.  It was a blustery 15 F outside at the start, and I do recall some wind.  All I had to do was complete 4 ~1 mile laps.  Couldn't have been too hard, right?

After one lap, I could taste blood, I think my lungs were hemorrhaging.  On the second lap, my fingers were getting cold (and I believe this was the first time Dave Weins passed me).  On the third lap, I could no longer shift due to my numb fingers, however the pain in my hands was falling second to the freezing of my feet (Dave passed me again, I lost count how many times).

I was just happy to finish the fourth lap.  By the time I did, Dave had finished the race, packed up his stuff, sipped a cappuccino, signed autographs for all the screaming fans, and departed.  I later found out he had time to drive back to the hotel, shower, change, and take a nap before I finished.

I on the other hand, upon finishing, collapsed behind the nearest tree and vomited.  I want to blame it on the cold temps, but looking back I think it was just my body expelling weakness.  I would like to thank my terrific wife for not photographing that part, but perhaps these shots my accurately portray what I was feeling...

On my way to the tree!
So, as January winds down, I can look back and reflect on the changes that have occurred in the last year.  I may not get a race in this month, but I feel I am better off than I was 360+ days ago.  I have no idea what the 2011 race season has in store, but I hope that if I vomit it won't be while competing for DFL.
More Wavery Short Track Pictures

Weight Update:  As of today, I a the heaviest that I have been since the beginning of October.  The bright side is that I am still 9 pounds under what I weighed this day last year.  I am tired of eating, and I am actually looking forward to dieting again!

19 January, 2011

Time for Shopping

I got the OK from my wonderful wife to do some shopping to prepare the 'ol Superfly for another season.  I have a budget, but I am not sure what parts I should upgrade and/or replace.  There are several parts I have in mind, but I am torn a bit between weight and durability.

For example, the Stan's Arches I rode all season held up great.  There was an initial retrue on the rear early on, then no issues until a minor even prior to Iceman.  That is ~7 months of goodness.  However, by going to Crest wheels, I can save 100 g per wheel, or 200 total, or nearly 1/2 pound of rotating weight.  ROTATING!  WEIGHT!

I could upgrade my headset to a super slick King or CC-110, but I don't thinkI have any problems with my current one.  Same goes for my bottom bracket.

I am satisfied with the stopping power of my Avid Elixers, but would consider a set that doesn't warble like a raped turkey.  Maybe Formula R1?

A longer bar is probably in store in order to help me row up hills, along with some new ESI Chunky grips to take the edge off the Niner fork.

Is there anything I am missing, any new "must have" item I don't know about?

BTW:  The weight thing is going OK.  I am up a slight bit, I don't know if that is just water, fat, or all the pounds of huge rippling muscle that I have added, but I think it is probably one of the first 2 items.

10 January, 2011

Bulking Up!

Well, race season is quickly approaching.  Judging by the clock on the right of this page, it will be here before we know it.  Barry-Roubaix will be the first race, but I consider the season starting at Yankee Springs.

So after spending the last 6 months eating food to starve a bird, I am throwing the switch.  I nearly doubled my caloric intake, and for the next 6 weeks will be doubling my efforts to add weight.  I know this will throw my "Race weight by 17APR11" goal into jeopardy, but I think it will be a benefit for my SS racing.

Maybe some of my pants will again be fitting me, and my cycling bibs will no longer need a belt.  I still will always be "patas de pollo" around home, but hopefully people won't say I look like an emaciated Andy Schleck and I can make it up Boyne Mountain without walking this year.

So far today, I have eaten 2 breakfasts and lunch, and have had 75% of what I would normally eat in a day.  I am stuffed, and dreading the other 3 meals I still have yet to eat.

I guess if things don't work out, I can just move into Clydesdale!

07 January, 2011

What to Race, 2011 Edition

So, now that Tailwind has posted their race schedule, I have begun to look at what events I want to race next season.

I have on my calendar a total of 28 events at this point.  This consists of three 'A' races (ones I want to peak for),  eleven 'B' races (ones I want to race, and do well) and fourteen 'C' races (which I could do if I feel like it).

My first conflict is that I was planning on peaking for the CPS Boyne Marathon, since in the past in order to win CPS, you had to do well there.  However, this year Boyne is just Boyne, that's right kids, no bonus points.  Although, I don't even know if I want/need/should do the CPS season, the decision will be based on early season performance.

So do I still peak for this race?  Do I even go?  I was hoping to also ride the Fat Cyclist LiveSTRONG event in 2011, but that is the same July weekend, in Davis California.  Do I want to go to Cali in July?  Should I try to peak for the Michigan game for the possibility to go to San Diego the following year?  I don't know, maybe just peak twice this season (beginning and end).

I also noticed that the Custer TT was moved up by about 2.5 months, making it an early season race.  I also may attempt to race the 2 day Brighton Stage Race, would based on the 2010 event, looks pretty fun.

What do you all have in mind for 2011?

04 January, 2011

Happy New Years (...again)!

This is the same post copied from my LiveSTRONG blog in order to determine which site I will use for ongoing posts.

So, I have been wondering if it would be worth my while to write a blog.  I have no aspirations of becoming an internet phenom like the Fat Cyclist.  I really don't know if people would be interested in the angry exploits of an engineer that likes to ride his bike.

The thought of writing came to me over the holiday, when I was watching Julie & Julia with my wife.  I saw it was a way to vent, and perhaps destress myself after an annoyingly long day at work.  I have been doing such via facebook, but maybe this would be more interesting.  I know I am a little (way?) late jumping on the blog train, but saw LiveSTRONG has the option and decided to give it a go.

Several of my online friends have blogs, and update them (semi-) regularly, so here it goes.  I will try to post once or twice a week, when the mood strikes me.

I will try to keep things mostly about mountain biking.  It shouldn't be too hard to do, as I am pretty involved with the whole MMBA thing.  This is also the start of my second season racing, and my first season training.

Last year, I rode my bike.  That was the training.  Ride on Mondays with the group, maybe Thursday at Anderson, and race on the weekend.  No computers, no heart rate monitors, no plan.  2011 will be just the opposite.

In 2011 I will be racing in the singlespeed sport class for CPS as well, so I will no longer have an advantage over the slow geared folks, stay tuned to see how it goes.