23 May, 2011

Feeling Better

It was nice to rest for a weekend.  Well, not rest completely, but not be running around racing.  I actually worked around the house a bit getting caught up on the items I have been neglecting for the last 5 weeks.

 I also got a chance to tear apart my bike after the muddy race at Brighton.  I guess some new brake pads are in order!

So, I have some new pads on order from Disco Brakes.  I am not sure how they will work out, but I figured it would be worth a shot.  I got the sintered, maybe they will last a bit longer! I am also soaking my chain, as there is a bit of surface rust. Apparently water based lube isn't the best for torrential rain races!

Sunday was 3 hours on the road, followed by visiting with my brother-in-law who drove in from Arizona, and finished with some mowing.  My string trimmer kept braking, so after chunking it across the yard, it went straight into the Curby.  Done!

The road ride was excellent.  Some back roads from my house to Vermontville, around to Charlotte and home.  The weather was awesome, although the tops of my knees got a little pink.  I wasn't chased by any dogs, and only had a minor amount of horse manure to ride around.  That is less manure than a typical lap at Custer.

This brings me to 2 final observations from the weekend:
1)  If the road is unpaved dirt, it should not be named "highway".  Maybe road, way, or perhaps path, but never highway.

2) Size 34 waist clothes should not be in the "small" section of the clothing rack.  28, 30, maybe 31 are all small.  32" and up should be medium at the very least.

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