26 March, 2012

Busy Weekend

Now that all the fuss of Barry-Roubaix is over, I guess I have some ammo to update my blog a couple/few times this week.

1) As you may know, there was a little race called "Barry-Roubaix" [Pronounced BEAR'ree - ROO-bix] this last weekend.  The last minute rain kept the intensity high right up until race time.  I need to get some pictures uploaded, and this one will be ready to go.

2) After a nice recovery ride yesterday, it was time for the de-beardification.  I was considering going for the "yeard," but my wife said no.  Perhaps I should start a contest to see who can guess the weight (in pounds) of the hair that was shorn yesterday.  Winner will receive a bag of hair collect from my back deck!

3) There is a big box sitting at the FedEx store waiting for me to pick it up after work.  I wonder what is in it!

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