19 March, 2012

It's Almost Here!

Trying to be a bit more steady with the whole blogging thing, maybe the excitement will pick up once racing starts, which is only 5 days away!

The weekend was pretty good, the weather was spectacular.  I can honestly say I didn't do much of anything this weekend, training wise.

Saturday was my follow-up fit with the fantastic Jess at Two Wheel Tango.  She was just returning from a trip to Cali where she was a guest teacher with some Specialized BG Fit training.  I think we have the road bike where it needs to be.  My issue with slight knee pain from last year is gone, and I am ready to start riding.

Sunday was the test day coming off of a rest week.  I guess it would be a two part test, the first to see how the final fit worked, and the second to see if my training has worked.  Recall that I had ridden outside twice (!!) last week, so  the whole training thing is starting with a bang.  I was feeling well rested coming in, and pretty well spent after hammering for 20 minutes.  After looking at my results, I am pretty satisfied compared to the numbers from last year.  I don't mean to brag, but my power output could be classified as fractions of kilowatts... KILOWATTS!   Huge numbers, small pieces of huge numbers.

After the huge effort, I sit down at the computer to see that my friend Cody (Facebook friend, I don't believe we have ever met, but we bonded over the mocking of Iceman Registration Frustration 2012) blathered about me on hit fantastic new site kolo t.c.  I stumbled upon his site completely by accident, I was actually looking for Cholo T.C., but that is a story for later.

Any how, there was a nice write-up on the Barry-Roubaix race that he did, and I supplied some Garmin records for his reference.  Unfortunately, the poor fellow fell under the delusion that I was fast, and even used a reference to Lance Armstrong.  I just want to go on record that that was mostly creative writing, and I do not consider myself a threat to the podium in any way.  Besides, I am not ever sure that is me in the picture, you can barely see the beard!  However, the black of the Einstein Racing kit appears to be very slimming.

So, I digress.  5 days until Barry-Roubaix, my kick-off to the 2012 racing season.  I will be racing, only  having ridden outside only a handful of times, on a CX bike that is much too big, with minimal reconnaissance of the route.  My race goal is to finish before the What-the-Truck guys run out of food.  Tomorrow is another Tuesday Night Ride, and I plan on going a bit stronger, now that I have done it once and didn't die (or puke, or embarrass myself too much).


  1. Fractions of Kilowatts?! Small pieces of huge numbers?! LMAO!!

  2. Keep it up Payn, and some day you too could churn out the horsepower equivalent to a small. portable sump pump!