07 January, 2011

What to Race, 2011 Edition

So, now that Tailwind has posted their race schedule, I have begun to look at what events I want to race next season.

I have on my calendar a total of 28 events at this point.  This consists of three 'A' races (ones I want to peak for),  eleven 'B' races (ones I want to race, and do well) and fourteen 'C' races (which I could do if I feel like it).

My first conflict is that I was planning on peaking for the CPS Boyne Marathon, since in the past in order to win CPS, you had to do well there.  However, this year Boyne is just Boyne, that's right kids, no bonus points.  Although, I don't even know if I want/need/should do the CPS season, the decision will be based on early season performance.

So do I still peak for this race?  Do I even go?  I was hoping to also ride the Fat Cyclist LiveSTRONG event in 2011, but that is the same July weekend, in Davis California.  Do I want to go to Cali in July?  Should I try to peak for the Michigan game for the possibility to go to San Diego the following year?  I don't know, maybe just peak twice this season (beginning and end).

I also noticed that the Custer TT was moved up by about 2.5 months, making it an early season race.  I also may attempt to race the 2 day Brighton Stage Race, would based on the 2010 event, looks pretty fun.

What do you all have in mind for 2011?


  1. I am still plotting a course of action....

  2. I plan to ride alone a lot with my headphones on.