19 January, 2011

Time for Shopping

I got the OK from my wonderful wife to do some shopping to prepare the 'ol Superfly for another season.  I have a budget, but I am not sure what parts I should upgrade and/or replace.  There are several parts I have in mind, but I am torn a bit between weight and durability.

For example, the Stan's Arches I rode all season held up great.  There was an initial retrue on the rear early on, then no issues until a minor even prior to Iceman.  That is ~7 months of goodness.  However, by going to Crest wheels, I can save 100 g per wheel, or 200 total, or nearly 1/2 pound of rotating weight.  ROTATING!  WEIGHT!

I could upgrade my headset to a super slick King or CC-110, but I don't thinkI have any problems with my current one.  Same goes for my bottom bracket.

I am satisfied with the stopping power of my Avid Elixers, but would consider a set that doesn't warble like a raped turkey.  Maybe Formula R1?

A longer bar is probably in store in order to help me row up hills, along with some new ESI Chunky grips to take the edge off the Niner fork.

Is there anything I am missing, any new "must have" item I don't know about?

BTW:  The weight thing is going OK.  I am up a slight bit, I don't know if that is just water, fat, or all the pounds of huge rippling muscle that I have added, but I think it is probably one of the first 2 items.


  1. How did you get a picture of my legs????

    BTW, If you don't need anything for your bike....I have a long list....

  2. @Sean: Bathroom cam!

    You can't use any of my parts, they are all optimized for I gear, and none of the "springy" junk you have all over your bike!